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We adopted our daughter in August 2005. Take a peek at the process!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Never A Dull Moment!: Mission Trip Blog

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

While You Wait . . .

While we were enduring the wait for our referral, I wanted to read everything I could about adoption. I went through all the books related to adoption from China, and then branched out to other countries. Not only did it pass the time, but I learned a lot in the process.

The other day I was reading my People magazine (My husband calls it my newspaper because of course it's all true!), and I came across their book reviews. The book reviews are, of course, why I read the magazine! Ha! There is a new book out which is the Critic's Choice, and it received a four star rating. I think I have to buy it!

  • There Is No Me Without You is the story of one woman's journey to rescue Africa's children. By 2010, the UN estimates that Africa could have 50 million orphans because their parents died of AIDS. The author has opened her home to four children from Ethiopia and one from Bulgaria. These are in addition to her four biological children. People like this amaze me!

  • So pop on over to Amazon and treat yourself. According to People/My Newspaper, you won't be disappointed!