Anna's Adoption

We adopted our daughter in August 2005. Take a peek at the process!

Monday, July 24, 2006

AWAA Has New Programs!

We used America World Adoption Agency to adopt Anna, and prior to a few weeks ago, they were only working with China, Russia, and Ukraine. They have now added two new programs, El Salvador and Kazakhstan. El Salvador is a great option for those who would like to adopt from Central America, but find the costs of other CA countries out of their price range. AWAA is estimating an adoption from El Salvador to be around $15,500, which is cheaper than mostly all international adoptions programs.

Kazakhstan is pricey, topping Russia. A large portion of the cost of related to the price of airline tickets and a 3-4 week stay in the country. Keep that in mind when you look at the costs. The price is bound to flucuate depending on the time of year you travel. It may not be so pricey after all!

So take a peek and consider the possibilites!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Inside the CCAA

I have pics of the CCAA which will be great for Anna's lifebook. It's neat to take a peek inside this mysterious place! Enjoy!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Do You Speak English?

Like many adoptive parents, we wondered if it would be beneficial to learn a few phrases in "Chinese" before we left. Not knowing where our daughter was living, I picked up a "Chinese Made Easy" book and started to work on a few basic phrases. "Hello" and "thank you" was all that I used while in China. First of all, our guides warned us that certain basic words - likes shoes - could be offensive if we did not say it with the right intonation. The last thing I wanted to do was offend someone, most likely a government official while going through customs, in a Communist country. Second, whenever we were out on our own, we would run into people who wanted to practice their English. For the most part, this was fun and appreciated by the locals. One little vendor was working very hard on her English in hopes of coming to the US one day.

We had one encounter where I wish we spoke anything but English! We met this group during a walk in the park, and the gentleman in the white shirt knew English but did not have our "tact" so to speak. Our conversat ion went something along the lines of this:

Man - "Is that a boy or a girl?"
Me - "It's a girl!"
Man - "Well, it looks like a boy".
Me - "Well, it's a girl".
Man - Pointing to my friend's daughter "Now that looks like a girl! Your's looks like a boy!"
Me - "Well, she is a girl!"
Man - "But she looks like a boy!"

At that point my friend's husband taught him a new phrase, "Later Dude", and we walked off; I was rubbing my daughter's short, uneven hair and my hubby was muttering "This is all I am going to hear about for the rest of the night! Thanks Man! "